We are seeking out the world's best developers to build the future of blockchain and Web 3


  • Experience in setting up and running CI platforms (e.g. Jenkins, Gitlab, Travis)
  • Exceptional knowledge of Linux, including virtualisation and security aspects
  • Experience with Docker products
  • Experience with configuration management tools (e.g. Ansible, Terraform, Vagrant)
  • Knowledge of at least one programming language
  • Understanding of what a blockchain is would be a plus

Do you like automation? Do you know Linux like the back of your hand? Do you want to work together with some of the smartest people in the world on creating the Web 3.0 infrastructure? Are you excited about joining a startup? If yes, then let’s have a chat.

We are looking for an absolute legend whose mastery of Github, Travis, coveralls and continuous integration is second to none. We run on caffeine, move quick and release very frequently. Failures in our build system cannot be tolerated - WE WILL NOT BE STOPPED!

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  • High quality client and server side JavaScript code, user interfaces, HTML5 & CSS3, testing (Mocha, Jasmine, Selenium)
  • Experience with JavaScript frameworks like React, Meteor and Angular
  • Familiarity with NodeJS, Webpack and Solidity
  • Experience in other languages (Python, Haskell, Ruby, etc)
  • Interest in full-process code-optimization, language design and compiler implementation
  • Would move to preferably Berlin or potentially London if you don’t live there yet

To apply to join our fledgling Ðapp and blockchain integration team, examine this and give us (or point us to) some code that processes it into a lovely-looking web (HTML/CSS/JS) document. You can use whatever framework you want (if any); a pointer to a github.com repo would be sensible.

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  • Experience with Rust
  • Knowledge of Ethereum and blockchain

Maintain and create blockchain software: dealing with P2P networking, consensus algorithms, cryptography, databases, and decentralized applications can be expected.

We strive to write the fastest, lightest, and safest core technology in FinTech and write lots of open-source code. We believe in giving back to the community and are looking for someone familiar with the open-source Rust ecosystem. Parity Technologies is based in Berlin and London, but remote work is possible and we are flexible on location.

You should be proficient in Rust and familiar with writing low and high-level code, a functional style of programming, and have a strong knowledge of computer science. Familiarity with Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies would be a plus.

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  • Fluent in English; German is a plus
  • Immediate availability and for a minimum of three months (preferably longer)
  • Interest in blockchain, Ethereum, cryptography, peer-to-peer, decentralization, smart-contracts
  • Knowledge about the industries that emerge around these technologies
  • Knowledge about open source and free software movements
  • Studies related to or some experience in business development, sales, technical marketing
  • Some familiarity with Parity’s offering

We are on the lookout for some awesome guy or gal who wants to join our fledgeling world-class startup as an intern to support the business team in Berlin. We offer a chance to work in a fast moving startup in the growing blockchain industry.

Interested? Please email your CV and a Cover Letter.

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