Technology stack

Our technology draws directly on the power of decentralisation to deliver both security and high availability. Security is realised by distributing trust amongst multiple parties with disparate interests. High availability is achieved by easily distributable storage and computation.


  • Ethereum Client

    Ethereum Client

    Parity Technologies' primary blockchain solution which makes it possible to run a variety of Ethereum-based chains and interact with them. Learn more at

  • Bitcoin Client

    Bitcoin Client

    Fast, reliable and highly modular Bitcoin implementation designed for mining.

  • Secret Store

    Secret Store

    Enables distributed key generation, distributed key storage and threshold retrieval according to blockchain permissions.

  • Whisper


    Low-level, privacy-preserving communication protocol for DApps and devices to communicate with each other.

  • Polkadot Client

    Polkadot Client

    Extensible heterogeneous multi-chain protocol which will provide interoperability between disparate chains and is designed to solve current blockchain tech’s most limiting issues. Learn more at

  • IPFS


    Tamper-proof distributed data storage and publication.




    Secure Data Access Control System that builds on a number of core technologies and provides an unprecedented level of security. Contrary to traditional solutions no single point of failure is present and every activity is recorded immutably on the blockchain.

  • ID Verification

    ID Verification

    Infrastructure comprising server, smart contracts and GUI which provides an Identity Information Service.

  • Permission System

    Permission System

    Set of features which enables network participants to permission different aspects of a blockchain.

  • Bridges


    Relay transactions between Ethereum-based PoA chains and other chains. E.g. allows handling Ethereum mainnet tokens on a Proof-of-Authority network.

  • Connectors


    Ethereum-IPFS and Ethereum-OrbitDB connectors.

Dev & ops

  • Microservices


    Parity Identity Information Service is a hosted lookup for Parity’s mainnet ID certification component. Registry DApps enable frictionless interaction with Badge, Token, Name and DApp registry.

  • Development toolkit

    Development toolkit

    Javascript libraries, Smart Contract libraries, Development Chain, IDE.


  • Parity Wallet

    Parity Wallet

    The User Interface comes bundled with the Parity Ethereum Client. It has a thin kernel and micro DApps architecture and allows for easy DApp management & deployment. It can be hosted and run client-side only, while being served by either a remote or local node. Learn more at

  • Chrome Extension

    Chrome Extension

    Connects to a Parity Ethereum node and allows users to access Ethereum enabled websites. Lets the user inspect, confirm or ignore requested transactions. It can also show basic information, such as token balances and verification status, about Ethereum accounts tied to email addresses and account handles (e.g. Twitter, GitHub, ...).

  • Mobile App

    Mobile App

    Sign transactions without establishing any kind of connection to the internet or a device (smart, cold storage).